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Apr 29, 2016

The man, the myth...  The Doctor.  Not Who, but Z!


This is a super sized episode and is a lot of fun to listen to.


Mike was a really high energy guest, enthusiastic and fun.  He loves what he does and what he does is make great amps!


Mike also had a lot of stories about his friend, the legendary Ken Fisher, the designer of Trainwreck amps who passed away a few years ago, and how Ken collaborated with him to help create some of Z's best know amps.  Including Brad Paisley's Z Wreck!  The good Dr. also talks about some of his other high profile clients, like Joe Walsh and Steve Miller.


To learn more about Dr.Z check out his website


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Apr 15, 2016

Welcome back again!  

Today we are talking with Steve Carr from Carr Amps.  Carr amps are one of the earlier boutique amp builders to hit the market and Steve shares a lot of information about his amps and about the character of classic amplifiers.

Steve has a fantastic website with A LOT of information, video links and demos of his products.  You can find it at


He also has a Youtube channel loaded with even more videos that you can find here:


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